Meet the Committee

The Committee is responsible for overseeing the entire Hyperloop pod project, ensuring collaboration across sub-teams, managing project timelines, and securing resources. They play a crucial role in strategic planning and decision-making to guide the project towards its objectives.

Electronics and Software Team

Run by Rohan Verma: This team focuses on the electronics and communication systems essential for the Hyperloop pod's operation. Their work encompasses the design and integration of control systems, power distribution, and signal processing to ensure seamless operation and real-time communication within the pod.

Rohan Verma

Head of Electronics and Software

Meet the Team:

Ekta Nair, Blake Eldridge, Gunjari Chakraborty, Gary, Randev Ranjit, Hamed Bakhsh, Tran Khoi Nguyen Pham, Rehan Fonseka, Hooria Bilal, Fathi Omer, Ayush Gupta and Ben Kollar

Magnetic Levitation Team

Run by Vadan Khan: Specialising in the levitation system that allows the Hyperloop pod to hover above the track, this team works on magnetic suspension designs. Their efforts are aimed at reducing friction and enabling high-speed travel with minimal energy consumption.

Vadan Khan

Head of Magnetic Levitation

Meet the Team:

Tom Simon Kocherry, Matthew Benedict Djong, Llorenc Balada, Phua Ming-Han, Rayan Alahdal, Abdelrahman Elgamal, Taymiyyah Duffy, Kuncharan Malaravan, Stanley Simpson, Dylan Xanh, Erica and Jasper Burvill

Chassis Team

Run by Alexander Neytchev: The Chassis team is dedicated to designing the pod's exterior, focusing on aerodynamics and structural integrity. They work to minimise air resistance and ensure the pod's frame is both lightweight and robust, contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of the Hyperloop pod.

Alexander Neytchev

Head of Chassis

Meet the Team:

Alen Sabu, Aneek Chattopadhyay, Ammar Afif Bin Mohd Zamri, Emin Huseynbayov, Isaac Batho, Milit, Anya Sharma, Dhillon Shah, Osazemwen Osarenmwinda, Amr Mohamed, Nizaankan Thayaparan, Sahil Sinha and kavanviral shah

Braking Team

Run by Nabhanyu Shetti: This sub-team develops the braking systems crucial for the safe operation of the Hyperloop pod. They work on incorporating mechanical braking solutions that can efficiently slow down and stop the pod under various conditions.

Nabhanyu Shetti

Head of Braking

Meet the Team:

Amruth Parakkunnath, Adeesh Bansal, Mohammed Zahran Ayub, Hrishikesh Pawar, David Barrock, Hurrem Emir Erman, Etienne Jacquot, Drona Manchanda, Emma Stevenson, Tsz Kiu Tam, Leon Mathew Jacob, Dhyey Ghetia and Dazhong (Gary) Zhang

Magnetic Braking

Run by Thomas Johnson: This sub team focuses on designing magnetic brakes that use electromagnetic forces to slow the pod without physical contact. This system is key for achieving smooth, efficient deceleration and stopping at high speeds.

Thomas Johnson

Head of Magnetic Braking

Meet the Team:

Baris Gurel, Bijoy Biju Varghese, Neha Philip, Sang Jia Jing, Brilliant Purnawan, Taimur Khan, Linkai Liu, Zilu Wang, Andrew, Idris bin Muzaffar Ariff, Matthew Smith, Liz hardman and Oscar Fuentes Rebato

Full Scale Team

Run by Tibault Dary-Alabaster: This team is responsible for putting each of the sub-components of the Hyperloop together and ensure it all works well together.

Tilbault Dary-Alabaster

Head of Full Scale

Meet the Team:

Jean-Thomas Valls, Junior Douaya Diety, Mai Abdalla, Farrel D'Mello, Dineth Ramida Ilapperuma, Eliott Quinney, Ruben, Merin Vallosseril, Hugo Vieillevigne, Abytom Binny, Jiyeon Oh and Zhaocheng Li

Suspension Team

Run by Max Sheng Che Chang: The Suspension team is responsible for the system that supports the weight of the Hyperloop pod, ensuring a smooth and stable ride. They develop mechanisms to absorb and dampen vibrations and shocks from the track, enhancing passenger comfort and structural integrity of the pod.

Max Sheng Che Chang

Head of Suspension

Meet the Team:

Ahamd Uzair Bin Hedzree, Bryan Yip, Saif Abu Joudeh, Neme Okoroafor, Nada El-Hassan, Okezi Ononeme, Jeet Singh Bhasin, Daniel Gomez da Costa and Sam Koplickat

Propulsion Team

Run by Harry Shakesheff: Tasked with designing the linear induction motor that propels the Hyperloop pod forward, this team works on the electromagnetic propulsion system. Their innovations are aimed at achieving high acceleration and top speeds while maintaining efficiency and reliability.

Harry Shakesheff

Head of Propulsion

Meet the Team:

Rishabh Jain, Muhammad Alif Dzulfaqar Nafili, Thomas Cheung Chin Wang, Mohamed Salem Ghanem, Veronica Mendez, Temitope Olowu, Karim El Khatib, Maciej Turyk, Yu ZHengwen and Shaan Mahal

Business and Sponsorship Team

Run by Jacqueline Lin: This team focues on marketing the soceity and gathering sponsorships to support the Hyperloop's research and construction.

Jacqueline Lin

Head of Business and Sponsorship

Meet the Team:

Batuhan Gerdan, Jason Chow, James Woon Chin Hao, Kaustubh, Aryan Biswas, Thomas Hui and Nikhil Devjani